Adolescent Health Promotion Model and The Impact of Oral Health Behavior of Nursing Intervention Applied to The Information Proccessing Theory

Fadime Üstüner Top, Ayşe Ferda Ocakçı
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This research is planned to assess the impact of oral and dental health behavior of nursing intervention applied to Health Promotion Model and the Information Processing Theory of adolescents with low oral and dental health behavior. The method of research is experimental design with pre-test and post test control groups. According to the results of oral health care form, individuals that form %25 of the slice on attitude scale are placed in the experimental (n=40) and control (n=40) groups with random assignment. The data are collected via Personal Information Form, Multi-Dimensional Control Scale of Oral Health Care (MOHLCS), Oral Health Behavior Form (ODHB), Oral Examination Form. The groups are pre-tested, post-tested after the training and tested again 3 months after training. Nursing intervention is applied to the experimental group in order to improve oral health behavior for 8 weeks twice per week. After the intervention, perception of internal locus of control (39.20±2.22) and oral health behavior points (7.40±1.26) of experimental group has improved on the analogy that control group (p<.05). It’s found out that experiment group’s ODHB post test point is colculated 4.40 points more than the pre-test, 0.45 more than control group and the difference between the two is meaningful. In the evaluation after the education and 3 months there were no statistically significant differences in the experimental group according to control group except gargling with florid and dental care after meal. After the nursing intervention it’s found that a poor relation in positive direction between perception of internal locus of control in children and ODHB. Permanent teeth caries decreased, tooth-filled increased in the experimental group second oral examination, the control group were determined average DMFT increased. The nursing intervention that are applied to Pender’s Health Promotion Model and Gagne’s of Information Processing Theory are effective in the development of oral health behavior.
Anahtar Kelimeler : Health promotion model, health perception, internal locus control, adolescent oral health, nursing intervention

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