Hıristiyan Anarşistler ya da Kilise Otoritesinin Eleştirisi ve Jacques Ellulün (1912-1994) Yaklaşımı

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The anarchist way of thinking considers human to be above all institutions and hierarchical authorities. It strongly argues against any kind of subjugation that the human being
may be subject to. In the modern period this approach has generated a new stream of opinion among the Christians in the West. This new movement which defines itself as
Christian Anarchists is especially widespread among the intellectual Protestants who combat against the Church authoritarianism. The Bible itself, according to them, contains
anarchist principles and as their most influential epresentative Jacques Ellul (1912-1994) says, in fact Christs life and teachings symbolize the anarchist approach. The present paper will also highlight the fact that a similar image of Jesus is present in the narratives of the early period Islamic sources which were penned during the time of supremacy struggles.

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