Ortaçağ Harrânîlerinde Eskatolojik Mitlerin Yahudi-Hıristiyan Apokaliptiğine Benzerliği

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In the Middle Ages, Harranians have been seemed to develop similar conceptions to eschatological expectations, which the Middle East religious traditions intensely have. For example, the myth of the Messiah and Redeemer, one of the important eschatological myths, was also seemed in Harranians tradition. These eschatological expectations and apocalyptic predictions was densely described in the The Prophecies of Bâbâ the Harranian , a book written by the Harranian Bâbâ. In this article, eschatological myths, which was important in Harranian Tradition, will be studied in the own religious context of Harranian and later these myths will be discussed in terms of interaction with other traditions of the Middle East.

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