Medeniyetlerin Kimlik ve Kendilik Oluşturma Süreçlerinde Çeviri Faaliyetlerinin Psiko-Sosyal Rolü

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Every civilization has its own self and identity which has being shaped in a process just like an individual’s. In this process that is the process of generation of the self, the function of
the translation movement or in other word activities is one of the most important components from which identity and self are consisted. Translation activities provide a huge potential
in which some important data come from other cultures and civilizations. In the process of cultural interrelations, this potential bears (on) an ability of combining with the essential elements of that civilization. In fact this process comes true according to three psychological defense mechanisms. These are incorporation, introjection and identification. Each of these mechanisms represents one stage of civilization’s self formation processes and corresponds to translation activities stages. Although incorporation is to get things from
outside without any questioning, introjection is to get things with some kind of resistance. Lastly, the identification is joining with images that come from outside, completely. As a result civilizations influence each other mutually and they need each other in an accumulative way. It is inappropriate to feel inferiority or superiority about influencing and being influenced, since this process of formation is very natural.

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