İlâhiyat Fakültesi (İlâhiyat Lisans Programı) Öğrencilerinin Sorunları ve Beklentileri

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The faculties of divinity in our country were reconstructed based on subdivisions in 1998. New Programs formed within this approach, have been applied since 1998-1999 years of instruction. One of these is The Program of Teaching of the Religious Culture and the Moral Knowledge for the Primary Education and the other is The Undergraduate Program of the Divinity. This article is a field-research, performed on a selected sample from the students of Undergraduate
Program of Faculties of Divinity of Marmara University and Karadeniz Technical University. In this study we have largely dealt with the problems and expectations of the students, originated from the program and also we have evaluated and interpreted the given data within the results. The aim of this study is to provide with the supporting data to the new arrangements or to the curriculum-processing studies to be done as related to the subject-matter and in this respect to give out certain suggestions.

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