Tasavvufî Tefsir ve Vahdet-i Vücûdun Sembolik Dili

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In this article the central point is whether the paraphrase of Quran by Sufis may be accepted as correct and reliable or not. As Mevlânâ states the paraphrase of Qur’an by sufis
“who swims in the sea of secrets” will be different from the others as a natural consequences of their transcendental experience. Clearly the Sufis do not follow the rules and
methods which are adopted and practiced by other scholars in paraphrasing, which makes it open the objections. Particularly the paraphrase of Sufis influenced by the vahdet-i vücût are more eligible to unacceptibilities lacking the necessary conditions for a general and acceptable paraphrase. Nevertheless there are views which suggest that these
paraphrases can be accepted as correct since they are in close harmony with surface meaning
of the verses.

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