Belagat Açısından Eksiltİsiz İfadelerin (Zikir Üslubu) Anlam Boyutu

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Zikr is a term usedin the art of sernanhes [al-maftni] which is one of the three disciplines of rhetoric [baliıqat], in the sense of preserving, though possible to omit, an element of the
sentence in the speech purposefully. Style of zikr is preferred when evidence (kariina) accompanying the speech or canfidence in this evidence, without which understanding the
speech is difficult, is weakened. It is impossible to limit the literary expansions the style of zikr brought to speech to a certain theoretical framework. We can say that this style is
open to interpretation just !ike the styles of taqdim-tahlr, ta'rlf-tankir and fasl-vasl, that more than one expansion can be identified based on the. context, and that the only eriterian in this matter is the cantext itself and the intellect and the literary appreciation to interpret it.

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