Bir Telif Türü Olarak İlmihal Tarihî Geçmişi ve Fonksiyonu

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There are very few works on catechism that are widely in use. It is particularly difficult with today’s information to determine when and how they developed. It is impossible to
determine when the word “ilmihal (catechism) was first used. This work has been written with aim of bringing into light the past histories of catechism. It is difficult to find any pre-
Ottoman sources, or any evaluation of the same; for this reason, such an investigation starts with the Ottoman period. Due to the lack of a catechism prior to this time, the people
were in need of religious guidance; thus this period was the starting point. The next stage was marked by “Vasiyetnâme” (Birgivi). This period continued until the tanzimat. Subsequent to this is the Tanzimat period. The reforms gave impetus to catechism works, bringing into the form that we understand today, with the establishment of new educational
institutions and with a leaning towards oral culture catechism took on a new meaning. At the end of this work the important subjects found in catechism will be examined as well as each important work being examined. Also, the significant Satı Bey’s “İlmihal Nasıl Öğretilmelidir?” (How should catechism be taught) has been translated into modern Turkish and added as an appendix to this work.

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