Rü’yetullah ile İlişkilendirilen Âyetlerin Mu’tezilî Okuma Biçimi (Kādī Abdülcebbâr ve Zemahşerî Örneği)

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The possibility of seeing God in the world to come has always been a controversial issue for different Islamic Sects, particularly for Mu’tezile and Ehl-i Sunnah. Mu’tezile claims that it is impossible to see God simply for the reason that such a view requires attributing a material quality to Him. Mu’tezile scholars suggest that attributing Him such a material quality will necessarily lead us to thinking Him in a particular place and direction. On the other hand Ehl-i Sunnah claims that God will make it possible for the humans to see Him. Mu’tezile brings evidences from verses to support its claims while Ehl-i Sunnah considers these verses to be metaphoric and hence misparaphrased.

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