Arapça Öğretiminde Kaidelerle Edebi Metinler Arasındaki Irtibatın Onemi

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The rules canceming of Arabic gramrnar, are identifıed with the studies since the first century of AH. by the scholars in Basra first and Kufe riext and then in Baghdad. These rules
were based on the texts which were narrated by reliable narrators. The precision of a grammar rule is dependent on the fact that it is compatible with these narrateti texts.
Therefore, w hile the precision of a rule was defended, these old texts are taken into cansicteration and are called "shahit" (evidence, document). Firs.tly Abdullah b. Abu Ishak and then Halil and his students studied on the causes (illet) of the grammar rules. They used the analogy to make the rules. As a result, the language studies which has in fact a practical objective such as fluent spech starteci to cover a bit philosophical aspect. And this disrupted the literary zest. •
A new method which incorporates the language and the literary texts should be applied in language teaching. The selected literary texts should be divided into two parts. The texts which will be used to make the language rules should be da te back from the 4. and 5. century of A.H. But the texts which will be used to clarify the rules and teach them for people should be selected from every era, ev en from the modem era.

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