Osmanlı Dönemi Dini Kurtuluş Hareketlerinin Sosyolojisi

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Salvific or ınillenarian ınoveınents of Ottoman society are not treated enough from the religious sociological point of view. This kind of ınoveınents is the special types of social, religious
and new religious ınoveınents. They alsa related with ınessianic, nativistic and cargo cultic ınoveınents. They have their roots in philosophy of religion, history of religion and history of Jslaınic religion. They mostly spring out from ınessianic beliefs and the conditions !ike relative deprivation and contacts between societies. In this essay we dealt with ınethodological and typological aspects of this kind of ınoveınents and found out eınpirically, historically and phenomenologically seventy cases of these ınovements in Ottoınan society.

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