Arapça' da İsmin Sonuna Gelen Zaid "Ta" Harfinin Kelimeye Kattığı Anlamlar

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In Arabic grammar, an additicnal "ta" letter comes to the end of same names and this !etter is conunonly known as "ta" of the femaleness, (taü't-te'nis). When one said "the sign of
the femaleness" in the names firstly this "ta" comes to the mind. In additicnal to this Jetter there are same other signs of femaleness. Infact, the additicnal "ta" has same other fıınctions as well as the femaleness. These can be
summarized as such: It indicates the singularity and exaggaration. It replaces the Jetter which falls down from the word. In same plural words, it shows out that tlus word is not Arabiç infact. Besides that, it intensifies the femaleness in the word. It transformes the singular word into the plural fom1. Sometin1es the Jetter is added to the end of a masculine word intentionally. And sametimes the masculine and the feminine form of a word are alike and neither of them contain "ta". These must be known to comment on the Arabic texts. Unless these nuances are known the nlisunderstandings and the false results are unavoidable. In this article only the "ta" which is written to the end of the word roundly will be examined. The other additicnal "ta" Jetters and the signs of femaleness will be disregarded.

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