Türk Hitabet Tarihine Genel Bir Bakış

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Elocution, or oratory, is a style of speech which has a history as old as the beginning of humanity. It is ari art of delivering speech intended for the crowds in order to infom1, electrify,
and sometiJ!IeS activate them. There are various kinds of elocutions that may be classified into such groups as religious, military, political, scientific, and ceremonial.
When compared to other nations and civilizations the Turkish style of elocution, in histerical terms, seems to have been inadequate except for the religious and military ones.
However, it may historically be categorized under three stages. The first stage covers the time of Turkish settlement in Central Asia up until the XIIIth century when not much information was made available in written fom1. The second stage covers the time when the TurkS established such states or civilizations in a wide range geography as Gaznalees,
Harezmees, Mamluqees, and Akkoyunlees. Though not enough, we have some inforulation about this period covering the ages between XII-XV. The third and the fina! stage
covers the times of the Anatelian Saljuqees and the Ottomans about which we have relatively more information since the XIl'h century till our time. The present paper mainly focuses on the first and the fina! stages reviewing and providing
information about various genres of Turkish elocution.

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