Buhari Döneminde (III/IX. Asır) İmanla İlgili Yaklaşımlar ve Sahih'inin İman Bölümü Çerçevesinde Buhari'nin lman Yaklaşımı

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The concept of "lınan" is one of the most central terms of Islam. The discussions over its essence go back to the middles of the first century AH. Particularly in the first centuries of Islam, these discussions constituted most important factors that caused serious theological
and social troubles among Muslinıs. After this delicate and troublous environment calmed down in favor of the Sunnis, many books with the titles suchas Ki tab nl-fmaıı, Ki tab nl-i'tisnnı, Ki tab al-sıımınlı, which have been writtei:ı by authorities for the purpose of removing the negative effects of doctrinal discussions inherited from the past, have appeared. Here Imam al-Bukhari is one of the charismatic authorities who took side with Sunnis by his thoughts and works in these discussioııs, because he dedicated the second main chapter of his book "es-Snlıilı" to the matters canceming the basic points of the discussion on the concept of in1an. In these matters, he gave same clues of his opinions on the details of the subject and established them with reference to Quranic verses, prophetic traditions and sayings of previous autorities. It may be said that he was one of the first compasers considering the subject in a methodological form. In this article, we will try to expose his opinion on inllln and its position to the other opinions on the subject clarifying the similarities, and differences 

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