Nesih Bağlamında Recim Ayeti Sorunu

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As it is well known. according to most of the Muslim Scholars the text. which is called Rajm verse, was abrogated (mansukh) however its statute is valid. Therefore. it must be
applied when adulteıy was fully prÔved accordjng to Islamlc conditions. For, the Prophet applied the statute of this verse to the married adulterer and adulteress. It must be stated
that. the Prophet's source of rajm punishment is the result of.his personal judgement. not Quran itself. For. if the source of rajm penalty was the QUran verse. it should have been
existed in the Quran by its text. The idea that the rajm punishment is taken from the Quran, iş an extension of the efforts to attribute rajm penalty to the Quran directly. The
differences in the narratian of the Rajm verse also prove that this verse was not a part of the Quran. Such a dlfference in the text of this verse. goes against the conditlon that all the
verses of the Quran are transmitted successively (mutawiitlr}. If a text is not literally transmitted in a way that is called mutawiitir, although its meaning has been transmitted
successively, it cannot be considered as verse of the Quran. Hence the source of the punishment of adulteıy is not the Quran but the practice of the Prophet. In other words. no
verse was revealed that commands the rajm practice. Hence. the daiming of the abrogatlon of a non-revealed verse goes both against the logic as well as reality. 

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