Hicri ll. Asır Muhaddis ve Fakihlerinden Leys b. Sa'd, İlmi Kişiliği ve Eserleri

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Abu al-Haris al-Lays b. Sa'd b. Abdurrahman al-Fahmi who lived in Egypt between the years 94-175 (712-791), was one of the leading scholar of traditions and jurisprudence
(muhaddith and faqih) of his peı'iod. This period, which comprises the second term of Umayyads and the formative period of Abbasids, bears the characteristics of the tablin
and tebe-i tabiin. Lays b. Sa' d who was considered from tebe-i tabiin, lived in the era witnessed not only religious and political disagreements but also the calleetion and classifıcation of hadiths. Al-Lays b. Sa'd was a reliable narratoranda supporter of Hadith writing. and at the same time he w as one of the independent jurists who constitute the fırst category. Al-Lays b. Sa' d, who had also a school called after himself, wrote books on hadith, fıqh and history. His views andjuridical opinions are often found in books dea! with substantive law (furü al-fiqh).

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