Kelam Literatürü Işığında Mucize ve Hz. Muhammed' e Nisbet Edilen Hissi Mucizelerin Değerlendirilmesi

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In the literature of Kalam {theology). miracle, as a technical term, has been defıned as, "the occürrence of an extraordinaıy event in the han ds of a man who claims to be prophet as a canfırmation of his prophethood, in the time when he challenges to infıdels". In this definition,
made by theologians with reference to Qur'an, the terms challenge and daim are veıy im portant elements for un derstanding the nature of same extraordinaıy events manifested by a prophet. In Qur'an, Gad informs us that he had given same rational and sensoıy mirades to the former prophets; but as for the Prophet Muharnmad, Gad states that
the Qur'an would suffıce for him. The prophet Muhammad himself declares that he has been given Qur'an asa miracle. In addition, if we studied the extraordinaıy events attributed
to Prophet Muhammad carefully, we see that, fırstly they do not fit the abovementioned defınition of miraele and secondly the reports related to this matter are weak when compared to Qur'anic verses. Asa conclusion the Qur'an is the only miraele of the Prophet Muhammad, and he has not been given any other sensoıy miracles. 

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