İslam' da Dini Bilginin Doğası ve Usul-i Fıkhın Geliştirdiği Yorum Tarzına Genel Bir Y aklaşım

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This essay entitled as "The Nature of Religious (Revealed) Knowledge in Islam and A General Approach to the Type of lnterpretation Developed by Usül al-Fiqh" aims to develop
a new perspective for the hermeneutical analysis of revealed texts. In the fırst part, it brings a philosophical approach to the nature of revealed knowledge. Here, the epistemological
value of revealed knowledge is briefly studied and evaluated in comparison with other sources of human knowledge. After having identifıed the revealed character of subject matter, it deals with some problems that occur in the process of its transformatian in the form of text aiıd its transmission through successive enerations. In this context, the transmitted knowledge is evaluated, and categorized from the point of authenticity. In the operations of understanding this material, it offers both the text and the cantext to be taken into account in an equal !eve!. Then te'vil is introduced as.a tool of eliminating the contradictions appear in the process of intertextuality. After a brief history of hermeneutics, the type of interpretation developed by usül al-fiqh is broadly introduced in the second part.

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