Kelamullah- Halku'l-Kur'an Tartışmaları Çerçevesinde "Kelam-ı Nefsi-Kelam-ı Lafzi" Ayırımı

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The nature of Divine word is one of the most controversial matters among Muslim theologians; while the Mu'tazilite doctrine considers "kaliim Allah", Word of God, asa whole, created. the Hanbelites accept it eternal and uncreated, the Orthodox wing of Islamic theology (Ash'arites and Maturides) divides it into two: nafsi (internal) and lafzl (verbal). According to this approach the internal word of God is ·eternal while the latter is created. This article analyzes the division of God's word ihto nafsi and lafzi, particularly its nafsi aspect in the light ofviews of Muslim theologians and exegetes. Before this analysis, brief information about God's being speaker (mutakallim) and various ideas of Muslim theologians on the nature of His word is presented. Finally, this study tries to examine the connections of nafsi-lafzi distinction of the Word of God with the role of Gabriel and Prophet Muhammad in the revelation of the Quran in Arabic.

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