Itru UAK-1 +1 Fiber Length and Neps Size Distribution Measurement from Fiber Beard

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Itru Group has developed the “Itru UAK-1+ Cotton Fiber/Fabric Information System” to measure Length and Neps Size distribution from fiber beard. The importance of  this system  Length and  Neps  Size  distribution  takes  at  the  same time   along with   the Length and Neps Size Distribution . Coefficient of Fiber Straightness Variation, Surface Damaged Fibers Percentage also measured. These new  parameters  could  be  used  to check  the  hooked  fibers  in  processing  stages in ginning  ,  spinning  and   genetics research  on  cotton fibers. The field of application of this system also include  card flat waste, comber noil and blow room  waste and  all processing  stages  from  bale  to  ring frame delivery. Cotton Fiber Neps size distribution in relation to Dyed Fabric appearance has been analyzed. It has been found that 5% Neps Size Distribution is closely related to Dyed Fabric Neps appearance. Neps Index measured at the   comber   delivery   which is   related to   deviation from    Fiber Surface structure is closely correlated with the yarn neps per 1 km.

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Fiber length distribution, fiber beard, neps index, % surface damaged fiber, short fiber content %, card flat waste , comber noil.

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