The Effect of the Ultrasonic Energy on Dyeing a Polyamide Material with Reactive Dyes, Including a Different Chromophore and a Reactive Group

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In this study, reactive dyes having different chromophore and reactive groups were used to dye polyamide fabric such as C.I. Reactive Blue 4 (Basilen Blue MR–BASF–chromophore group of anthraquinone, a reactive dye in the structure of dichlorotriazinel), C.I. Reactive Blue 15 (Cibacron Turquoise GF–CGY–chromophore group of phtalocyanine, a reactive dye in the structure of monochlorotriazinel),C.I. Reactive Blue 52 (Drimarene Blue X3LR-S–chromophore group of disazo-formazon metal complex, a reactive dye  in the structure of trichloroprimidin) and C.I. Reactive Blue 69 (Lanasol Blue 3G–CGy–chromophore group of,  a- boromoacrylamide of reactive group). The samples were dyed with conventional and ultrasonic method. After the dyeing process, the dye exhaustion rate, dye remova after washing, % fixation values were compared in terms of the methods. Besides, the washing, light, rubbing and perspiration fastness values and ΔE*, ΔL*, Δa* and Δb* values were analysed in terms of type of reactive dye and dyeing method.

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Ultrasonic, Conventional, Kinetic of Dyeing, Polyamide Fabric.

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